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Noted UFO debunker Klass dies at 85

"Philip J. Klass spent a 50-year career meticulously researching stories on the latest in aviation technology as a senior editor for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. He spent his off hours trying to disprove the existence of UFOs."
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Started up the list again last week. Got a mention in Dr. Barrett's Quackwatch newsletter the day after it went live again, and have since gotten over 200 new subscribers.
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Video Killed The Radio Star.
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Happy birthday, pal, wherever you are.
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Day is done, gone the sun,
From the hills, from the lake,
From the sky.
All is well, safely rest,
God is nigh.

Go to sleep, peaceful sleep,
May the soldier or sailor,
God keep.
On the land or the deep,
Safe in sleep.
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God bless Joey Skaggs.

Wonder how many news people he'll get to come out to this year's parade?
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Chris Baldwin's Bruno was one of the first webcomics I dropped when I finally decided that there was enough angsty about my life, and the last thing I needed was a comic strip adding to it. A few weeks back I was happy to discover, however, that he's decided to continue his other unsold strip. It's one of my fav'rits, and it makes me smile.
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Perfect waste of righteous indignation on my part:

Yelling 101

At first, it had the makings of a Supreme Court separation of church and state case. Then it looked like "teachers gone wild." For a moment, it even evoked Watergate because there was a tape involved, and ten minutes on it, were missing. Now, it appears to be the saga of three high school kids who are simply morons with cameras, who live in Brick Township New Jersey, an appropriately named place — you know, thick as a brick. You may have already seen it on the internet; first, the web instant classic: kid won't stand for National Anthem, then teacher goes bonkers. Electronics teacher Stewart Mantel got all kinds of grief for that. But it turns out there was ten minutes missing from the original tape — of the students provoking Mantel. While recording on what was not as first reported, a camera inside a cell phone... but a hidden video recorder. And it turns out, that the teacher was only the latest victim of a group of Brick Township High students who regularly stage, film, and post images of their merry adventures. Which police have now discovered included, the destruction using baseball bats of Christmas displays at homes in the neighborhood — drinking, profanity, simulated violence. As it turns out, the day before the Anthem incident, some of these same students had saran-wrapped a younger kid to a desk. And that the "Anthem" tape was a set-up. School senior Corey Zappo told local reporters "we just knew Mr. Mantel was going to flip out because he frequently did and my friends and I thought it would be kind of funny to catch it" — catch it on tape, that is. Well, guess what? Brick Township police have now "caught" Mr. Zappo. They arrested him and two other kids on four counts of Criminal Mischief each. That’s worse than summer school.
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When camera phone exposes screwloose school teacher, what's the next step?


Ban camera phones.
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Now is the time we do the "I found Coke with Lime in 2-liters" dance...
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