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All-Stars Wrestling of Florida

ASW Best of the Best - Tomorrow!

This Saturday, March 5th, All Stars Wrestling of Florida presents its
biggest show ever, Best of the Best at the Orlando National Guard
Armory, 2809 South Ferncreek Avenue, Orlando, FL!

Scheduled to appear are TNA superstars Jesse Neal, and Jay Lethal, TNA
Knockouts SoCal Val and Traci Brooks, International Women’s Wrestling
sensation Christina Von Eerie, multi-time NWA tag team champion and
former TNA superstar “Wildcat” Chris Harris. Also in action will be
some of Independent Wrestling’s hottest stars such as Simon Sez,
“Essential” Eric Cooper, “Infamous” Eddie Taurus, Bruce Santee,
Francisco Ciatso, Aaron "Kanye" Epic, Biff Slater, “American
Nightmare” John Allen w/”Gentleman” Joe Littrell, The Heartbreak
Express, Shooter Storm and Joey Knight - the World's Largest
All-Knighters, Gus Money and Mike Cruz - the Latin Assassins, D. Ramos
& Rivera - The NewYoRicans, plus many more.

Ticket prices for this event are:

Gold Tickets: $15 - this gets you in the building 30 minutes prior to
doors opening for a special meet and greet with all your favorite
wrestling stars and priority first and second row seating.

General Admission Tickets: $10

The scheduled card at the time of this release is:

“The Emerald Emperor” Simon Sez and TNA Superstar Jay Lethal vs.
“Essential” Eric Cooper and “Infamous” Eddie Taurus - The Uprising
w/TNA Knockout SoCal Val

ASW Heavyweight Championship match: ASW Champion Biff Slater vs. Aaron
"Kanye" Epic vs. Bruce Santee

TNA Knockout Traci Brooks vs. International Women’s sensation
Christina Von Eerie

TNA Superstar Jesse Neal vs. Francisco Ciatso w/Big Pete Cannon

Four-way Tag Team Number One Contender Ladder Match: “The Prodigy”
Mike Cruz & “Pretty Boy” Gu$ Money - The Latin Assassins vs. Ramos &
Rivera - the NewYoRicans vs. Jude Mackenzie and Josh Rayne - The
Misled Youth vs. Los Ben Dejos

Street Fight Rules Match: “The Suicide Messiah” Marc Mandrake vs. “The
8th Deadly Sin”Sideshow

The Great Kendrick Elite Battle Royal: Twelve men including “The
American Nightmare” John Allen (w/”Gentleman” Joe Littrell), “Dancing
Machine” Bobby Fonta and AfroBoy will enter the Battle Royal and the
winner will get a shot at Kennedy Kendrick's Florida Elite
Championship the same night!

Plus - an appearance from former multi-time NWA Tag Team Champion and
former TNA superstar "WildCat" Chris Harris

Card Subject To Change


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